Can Ince, Ince Us, Meseleyi ince görür...


I graduated from Istanbul Technical University Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering Department in 2012. During my 10-year career, I could only do Petroleum Engineering for 6 months. I didn’t choose it because I didn’t like the working conditions and environment of Petroleum Engineering. During the remaining 10 years, I worked mostly in the fields of Industrial Engineering.

My main study subjects:

Project management
Supply chain management
Entrepreneurship (Software)
It was on their subject.

I took part in projects worth billions of dollars in Project Management. I had a stressful work environment, but I really enjoyed my work.

I worked in the field of Supply Chain Management for about 2 years. Here, I made domestic and international purchases of around 200 million dollars.

I have served 6 different holdings in my last 10 years of working life. 5 I met the boss of the holding and some of them I actually spent overtime.

While I was going to start working at Koç Holding in 2020, my process was suspended due to the pandemic and I started to deal with my own initiatives that I had in mind for a while. In June 2021, I founded an initiative called Invuca.

At the moment, I am evaluating suitable positions on the one hand, and taking care of our family business on the other hand, and taking care of my venture on the other hand.

My interests:

Software (I especially enjoy dealing with python and data science) / IT
Energy sector

My hobbies:

Riding a motorcycle (I have a small scooter)
Dealing deeply with technology and science issues
history of art
Coffee culture (I am also an accredited barista)